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Are you familiar with the expectations of employers? Then, they get to the next step of earning a job. Imagine what they could learn from the experience! He is willing to work hard and is very motivated. Use concise phrasing rather than complete sentences. Data collected in this category enables the website to remember choices you make.

Once you fill out an application, it is a binding document; any misinformation could be grounds for ___________________________.

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What other types of jobs did you have before? Be sure to add thisinformation to your portfolio. Where can I find the required employer posters? WAS YOUR ATTENDANCE AT SCHOOL OR YOUR LAST JOB? Resources about careers in the food and fibre sectors. Do not use relatives.

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Steve, Kelley, and Laura work together in a warehouse. What roles do speaking and listening have in your job? Houston Community College in Pipeline Welding. You might learn how to carry out plans and projects. Use the letters to write the names of different jobs. Participantswill consider nontraditional career opportunities.

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